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2020 year
  • Pinkevich V., Platunov A.

    Method for Testing and Debugging Flow Formal Specification in Full-Stack Embedded Systems Designs // 9th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing, MECO 2020 - Proceedings - 2020, pp. 9134213

  • Цопа Е.А., Ванцев А.О.

    Импорт именованных сущностей из реляционной БД в семантическую сеть//Сборник тезисов докладов конгресса молодых ученых - 2020

  • Kuzenkova E., Korenkov I., Loginov I., Ilina A., Dergachev A.

    Automated Scalability System for Distributed Applications in Heterogeneous Environment // CEUR Workshop Proceedings - 2020, Vol. 2590, pp. 1-8

  • Dubenetskiy E., Tsopa E., Klimenkov S., Pokid A.

    Designing a model of contexts for word-sense disambiguation in a semantic network // CEUR Workshop Proceedings - 2020, Vol. 2590, pp. 100

  • Tsaplin A., Platunov A., Pinkevich V.

    Smart Home Systems Design Approach with the Thermal Management Problem Example // CEUR Workshop Proceedings - 2020, Vol. 2590, pp. 1-8

  • Auken G.

    Introduction of information systems in the field of medicine // 20th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference - 2020, pp. 21

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