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2019 year
  • Muravyeva-Vitkovskaya L.A., Markina T.A., Kalinin I.V.

    Model and quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of existing methods of protection against malware // 19th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference, SGEM 2019 - 2019, Vol. 19, No. 2.1, pp. 453-457

  • Bogatyrev A.V., Liubich S.I., Wahle F., Vanin A.B.

    The Model of Network Map and Data Placement in the Distributed Decentralized Storage Platform // CEUR Workshop Proceedings - 2019, Vol. 2344

  • Shchekoldin A.I., Balkanskii A., Korpan L.

    Organization of an experimental workshop workspace on the example of ITMO University FabLab // Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing - 2019, Vol. 824, pp. 1814-1820

  • Bessmertny I., Sukhikh N.N.

    Multi-agent approach to optimization of tariffs for the air navigation service // Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems - 2019, Vol. 68, pp. 130-137

  • Noeiaghdam S., Sidorov D., Sizikov V.

    Control of accuracy on Taylor-collocation method to solve the weakly regular Volterra integral equations of the first kind by using the CESTAC method // Applied and Computational Mathematics - 2019, pp. in press

  • Polyakov V.I., Bogatyrev A.V., Bogatyrev S.V., Bogatyrev V.A.

    Redundant service of request copies by a sequence of groups of reserved nodes // CEUR Workshop Proceedings - 2019, No. in press, pp. 135-140

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