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2020 year
  • Сизиков В.С., Довгань А.Н., Цепелева А.Д.

    Восстановление изображений, смазанных неравномерно // Оптический журнал - 2020. - Т. 87. - № 2. - С. 1-8 (в печ.)

  • Bogatyrev V.A., Aleksankov S.M., Derkach A.N.

    The Model of Reliability of Dublated Real-Time Computers for Cyber-Physical Systems // Studies in Systems, Decision and Control - 2020, Vol. 260, pp. 11-21

2019 year
  • Bogatyrev V.A., Slastikhin I.A., Derkach A.N.

    Organization of a Reserved Inter-machine Exchange with General and Separate Queues Distributed over Computer Nodes for Access to Aggregated Channels // n: Vishnevskiy V., Samouylov K., Kozyrev D. (eds) Distributed Computer and Communication Networks. DCCN 2019. Communications in Computer and Information Science - 2019, Vol. 1141, pp. 375-388

  • Slastikhin I.A., Bogatyrev V.A., Noskov I.I.

    The simulation model of the system with aggregated channels and redundant transmissions on the multiple access level // CEUR Workshop Proceedings - 2019, Vol. 2344

  • Polyakov V.I., Bogatyrev A.V., Bogatyrev S.V., Bogatyrev V.A.

    Redundant service of request copies by a sequence of groups of reserved nodes // CEUR Workshop Proceedings - 2019, No. in press, pp. 135-140

  • Гаврилов А.В., Клименков С.В., Королёва Ю.А., Харитонова А.Е., Цопа Е.А.

    Программирование на языке Java: конспект лекций - 2019

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