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2023 year
  • Zhdanov D., Potemin I., Zhdanov A., Kinev I.

    Methods of visual analysis in the design of the stray light protection of optical devices // Optical Engineering - 2023, Vol. 62, No. 2, pp. 021002

  • Zhdanov A., Zhdanov D., Sorokin M., Potemin I.

    Virtual prototyping of complex optical systems on multiprocessor workstations // Optical Engineering - 2023, Vol. 62, No. 2, pp. 021006

2022 year
  • Aliev M.R., Baimuratov I.R.

    Automation of Machine Learning Pipeline Design by an Ontology as an Integrative Meta-Learning Model // CEUR Workshop Proceedings - 2022, Vol. forthcoming, No. forthcoming, pp. forthcoming

  • Mileshin A., Tsopa E., Klimenkov S., Slapoguzov A., Kharitonova A.

    Analysis of Emotional Connotations in Russian Language Texts // Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems - 2022, Vol. 345, pp. 497-511

  • Редькина И.В.

    Метод извлечения лемм для смысловых узлов на разных языках.//Сборник тезисов докладов конгресса молодых ученых - 2022

  • Шаветов С.В., Жданов А.Д.

    Основы обработки изображений: лабораторный практикум - 2022

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