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Bessmertnyi Igor Aleksandrovich
Bessmertnyi Igor Aleksandrovich
professor (qualification "associate professor of research")


I graduated from the Riga Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers in 1976. I worked at Pulkovo Airport, where I was engaged in the automation of operational management of the airport services. In 1986, I defended the PhD thesis - "Study of methods and development of tools for assessing and improving the efficiency of computer operation in the batch processing mode". Since 1985, senior researcher, senior lecturer, associate professor of the department of computer science. From 1995 to 2009 I worked in parallel in the banking sector and in the field of retail trade. In 2014, I defended my doctoral thesis - "Methods and means for creating intelligent systems in production model of knowledge". Now. I am a Professor at the faculty of software engineering and computer science, deputy director on educational foresight of the School of computer technologies and control systems.

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